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Mosaics marked SOLD can be re-made, each mosaic is unique.  Please email your enquiry

Blue-winged Raquet Tail

Blue-winged Raquet Tail, critically endangered in South West Philippines 60 x 31cm

Banded Cotinga

SOLD Banded Cotinga, critically endangered in South east Brazil 40x31cm

Cao-vit Gibbon

Cao-vit Gibbon, critically endangered in Vietnam and China 61x61cm

Javan Blue-Band Kingfisher

SOLD Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher, critically endangered in lowlands of Java 35x25cm

Masked Finfoot

Masked Finfoot, critically endangered in Southern Asia 41x41cm

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger, critically endangered in Indonesia 42x30cm

Red Pandas

SOLD Red Pandas, endangered in Himalayas/SW China 50x40cm

Taita Apalis

Taita Apalis, critically endangered in Taita Hills, Kenya 30x21cm

Rapa Fruit Dove

SOLD Rapa Fruit Dove, critically endangered on Rapa Iti Island, French Polynesia 42x30cm

Blue-eyed Spotted Cuscus

Blue-eyed Spotted Cuscus, critically endangered in West Papua, Indonesia 35x28cm

Black Dorcopsis

Black Forest Wallaby, critically endangered in Papua New Guinea 40x30cm

Orange-bellied Antwren

SOLD Orange-bellied Antwren, critically endangered in South America 33x31cm

Cotton-top Tamarins

Cotton-top Tamarins, critically endangered in Columbia 40x30cm

Sangihe White-Eye

SOLD Sangihe White-Eye, crit endangered on Sangihe Island, Indonesia 43x30cm

Eurasian Curlew

SOLD Eurasian Curlew, critically endangered in UK 21x15cm

Sunda Pangolin

Sunda Pangolin, criticallly endangered in Asia 42x30cm


SOLD Robin 21x15cm glass, ceramic, slate

Javan Green Magpies

Javan Green Magpies, critically endangered in Indonesia 40x40cm

Vancouver Island Marmot

Vancouver Island Marmot, critically endangered in Canada 40x29cm

Northern Bald Ibis, Ibis Connection

Northern Bald Ibis - human led migration with paraplane 60x31cm

Malabar large spotted Civet

Malabar Civet, critically endangered in South West India, 42x30cm, marble ceramic, stained glass

Siberian Crane

SOLD Siberian Crane, critically endangered in China / Iran 42x30cm, Stained glass, marble, ceramic

Javan Rhino

Javan Rhino, critically endangered 45x30cm, slate, stained glass

Hooded Vultures

SOLD - Hooded Vultures critically endangered 40 x 30cm marble, glass, ceramic, slate

"Carli" Retriever

SOLD Retriever, 60x50cm commission

LS Woodpecker

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, 60x40cm, glass marble, ceramic

Antarctic Blue

SOLD Antarctic Blue Whale, critically endangered 109x45cm smalti, glass

Hawksbill Turtle

SOLD Hawksbill Turtle, critically endangered. 60x50cm ceramic, marble, various glass mixes

NZ Storm Petrel_edited

New Zealand Storm Petrel, critically endangered 34x31 cm Stained glass, slate, ceramic, marble

Yellow breasted Bunting

Yellow Breasted Bunting: crtically endangered in Asia 33x30cm ceramic, stained glass, marble

Grizzly Bear

SOLD Grizzly Bear, threatened in USA, 60x50cm Stained glass, ceramic, Fused glass, Vitreous glass

Siau Island Tarsier

SOLD Siau Island Tarsier, critically endangered in North Sulawesi, Indonesia 33x31cm Marble, ceramic, sea glass, stained glass


SOLD Hedgehog, 60x49cm, Stained glass, marble, ceramic

Blue-throated Macaw

SOLD Blue-throated Macaw, critically endangered in Bolivia 32x24cm Fused glass, slate, ceramic, stained glass


SOLD Kouprey - Forest Ox, critically endangered in Cambodia 31x31cm slate, glass, marble, granite, fused glass

Asiatic Cheetah

SOLD Asiatic Cheetah, critically endangered in Iran 33x25cm ceramic, glass, fused glass

Chilean Woodstar

SOLD Chilean Woodstar, critically endangered hummingbird 33x25cm glass, ceramic, fused glass

Pied Tamarin

Pied Tamarin, critically endangered in Manaus, Brazil 65x30cm stained glass, fused glass, ceramic

Popa Langur

SOLD Popa Langur - critically endangered in Myanmar 35x25cm glass, ceramic

Selous' Zebra

Selous' Zebra, critically endangered in Mozambique, 35x23cm slate, ceramic, marble, stained glass, fused glass

Tree Sparrow

SOLD Tree Sparrow 60x42cm, Stained Glass, ceramic

Kordofan Giraffe

SOLD - Kordofan Giraffe, critically endangered in Africa, 35x23cm marble, ceramic, glass

Visayan Warty Pig

SOLD Visayan Warty Pig, critically endangered in Visayas islands, Philippines 58x44cm Glass, marble, ceramic

Walden's Hornbill

Walden's Hornbill, critically endangered in Philippines 61x32cm marble, smalti, ceramic, glass

Northern White Rhinoceros

Northern White Rhino near extinct in Kenya, 50x32cm, marble, stained glass, ceramic, granite

Annobon Scops Owl

SOLD Annobon Scops Owl, critically endangered on Annobon Island near Equatorial Guinea 42x30cm Marble, stained glass, ceramic, glass fusion

Willow Tit

Willow Tit, status: Least Concern, 60x44cm stained glass, ceramic, glass fusion


SOLD Axolotyl, Mexican walking fish, critically endangered 48x45cm Stained glass, vitreous, ceramic

Tenkile 7

Tenkile - Tree Kangaroo from Papua New Guinea, critically endangered 60x43cm ceramic, stained glass, marble

Riverine Rabbit

SOLD Riverine Rabbit, critically endangered, South Africa 45x37cm glass, ceramic

Pygmy Raccoon in Water

SOLD Pygmy Raccoon, critically endangered on Cozumel Island, Mexico. Explorers Against Extinction 2020 RUNNER-UP for THE ARTIST AWARD 50x26cm stained glass, ceramic, fused glass

Tana River Red Colobus

SOLD Tana River Red Colobus from Kenya - critically endangered 67x40cm Fused glass, ceramic, smalti, stained glass

Sira Curassow

SOLD Sira Curassow, Peruvian gamebird - critically endangered 55x43 cm Handmade fused glass, ceramic, stained glass

Turtle Dove

SOLD - Turtle Dove - Status Vulnerable 60x43 cm Glass, ceramic, fused glass

Hirola antelope

Hirola antelope - critically endangered on Somalia/Kenyan borders 55x43 cm marble, ceramic, glass


SOLD Greenfinch 47x40 cm Smalti, marble, glass fusion, ceramic, stained glass

Ley's Whitebeam

SOLD Ley's Whitebeam Tree 37.5x29 cm Stained glass, ceramic


SOLD Gharial crocodile, critically endangered in northern India 40x40cm Marble, fused glass, ceramic, glass

Black Rhino - City Life

SOLD Back Rhino satire - perhaps safer in cities than African savannas? Bus nos. 316 poached annually,10 countries inhabited, 50 lifespan, 2.5 poached daily 43x35 cm glass, ceramic

Pochard - diving duck

SOLD Pochard diving duck - vulnerable in UK 34.5x29cm stained glass, ceramic


SOLD Axolotyl - mexican walking fish Explorers Against Extinction 2019 shortlisted. 50x25cm, glass, ceramic

European Roller Birds, AGA panel

SOLD - European Roller Birds - AGA panel 100x50 cm Glass, marble, ceramic, smalti

African Elephant calf

SOLD African Forest Elephant calf - critically endangered 81x50x29x16 cm ceramic, glass

Simmental Cattle under Wetterhorn

SOLD Simmental Cattle, the Wetterhorn 86x61cm slate, ceramic, glass, granite

Brown Hare

SOLD Brown Hare 85x48cm Marble, glass, ceramic

Agapanthas - AGA Panel

Agapanthas: Oven Panel 163x64cm Smalti, ceramic


SOLD Juvenile Spoonbill (no crest) 58x47 cm Granite, ceramic, marble, mirror

Rhino in sunset

SOLD - Rhino critically endangered 30x25 cm Smalti, granite, ceramic

Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag 71x50 cm Glass, ceramic, marble, handmade pottery

Yellow Vented Bulbul

SOLD Yellow Vented Bulbul 40x30 cm Glass, ceramic

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