"Pygmy Racoon in Water"


The Artist Magazine gives this award to the artist who captures the spirit of the Sketch for Survival initiative in a two dimensional artwork.   Editor Dr Sally Bulgin said "... I love the comical face with black mask... the artist has been able to convey the character and fragility of this animal so effectively in hard materials such as glass and ceramic mosaic."


Competitions / Exhibitions  /  external Workshops 


May 20-April 21      TWASI (The Wildlife Arts Society International)   -  online exhibition

11-22 Nov                  Explorers Against Extinction   -   online exhibition/auction         


24-25 April               Titchfield Arts & Crafts, Hampshire  -  exhibition      

1-9 May                      Wylye Valley Art Trail, Chitterne Studio, Wiltshire  -   exhibition

25 May                       David Shepherd Artist of the Year  -   competition

26-31 July                 Marlborough College Summer School, Wiltshire   -   workshop/exhibition     

27-21 Aug                  Southern Nature ArtHampshire   -   workshop/exhibition

November tbc           Explorers Against Extinction  -   competition/exhibition/auction

tbc                               Wiltshire Wildlife Trust  -   workshop/exhibition "Four Wiltshire Birds"


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