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Emma Abel is a maker of wildlife mosaics.  She focuses on critically endangered species, providing a small platform for exquisite yet threatened creatures, promoting awareness through competitions and exhibitions.    Donations go to wildlife charities with each sale.  Emma's mosaics have sold to mountaineers and renowned conservation explorers.

In 2019 and 2020 Emma's mosaics were shortlisted from over 600 global entries in an Arts initiative run by conservation charity Explorers Against Extinction and she was selected as Runner-Up for The Artist Award.  Emma has exhibited at London's Royal Geographic Society and around the UK.

Using hard materials such as marble, stained glass and ceramic, each mosaic aims to portray character and fragility of movement with every tuft of hair or ruffled feather cut with precision. Emma makes her own glass fused pieces to add personality.


Emma gives   workshops  in her Wiltshire studio and externally, sharing the love and skill of the mosaic art form.


            Emma Abel 

        074 111 07916


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All mosaics in my Gallery are for sale.  All those marked SOLD can be re-commissioned.   Donations go to Wildlife Charities with each sale.


Donations from each sale are tailored to the wildlife charity / relevant animal.  Funds go towards conservation initiatives, whether it be protecting natural habitats, helping local communities to minimise human/wildlife conflict or supporting anti-poaching campaigns.

Tusk Trust                                                Explorers Against Extinction 

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust                            American Bird Conservancy 

Iranian Cheetah Society                          Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust 

Exploration Sira                                       Talarak Foundation  

Tenkile Conservation Alliance                 The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI)  

Crocodiles of the World                           Wiltshire Wildlife Trust