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Emma Abel has been mosaicing for 22 years.  She  specialises in endangered Wildlife, providing a small platform promoting awareness through competitions, exhibitions and environmental charities.  

All work is for sale or commission, with 10% donated to wildlife charities.

In 2019 Emma's work featured in a national exhibition run by conservation charity Explorers Against Extinction and she has exhibited at the National Geographic Society in London.   Her work is in print and works have sold to Mountaineers and Conservation Explorers.  


Emma gives workshops in her Wiltshire studio and externally, sharing the love and skill of the mosaic art form.

 Students create great

designs with a wide choice of materials.  

abelmosaics is a member of


Heritage Crafts Association (HCA)

The Wildlife Arts Society (TWASI)


British Association of Modern Mosaics (BAMM)

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT)


maker of endangered wildlife mosaics

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